Professional Voice Care

Communication is of vital importance to most professions. Maintaining a healthy voice is a key to success for more than just singers and actors. Learn how to keep your voice working for you. 

Myths vs Science in Voice Health

There are a lot of remedies and bits of common advice out there for voice difficulties. Learn which are based on solid scientific evidence and which are ineffective or even harmful.

State of the Art Evaluation and Treatment

If a persistant voice problem develops, what happens next? A contemporary voice practice uses technology and a team approach. Find out the details and demystify the process before your appointment.


Does your voice sound airy, raspy, or hoarse?

Is it difficult for you to sing or speak softly softly?

Do you have a sore throat that doesn’t go away?

Do you feel strain when you speak or sing?

Does your voice fatigue quickly?

Is your voice unpredictable, or does it change throughout the day?

Do you want to learn more about voice health?



Professional evaluation can open the door to understanding your vocal challenges and finding solutions.

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There are many different types exercises that singers can use to build a healthy singing technique. 

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Myths abound in this area of voice health. Find out whats true and what's false.

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